Places to Visit Near IMG Worlds

There are several places to visit near IMG Worlds of Adventure, each offering a unique experience for tourists. You can explore from peaceful gardens to thrilling rides all within the 15 kms of IMG Worlds. 

Visit the largest natural flower garden, Dubai Miracle Garden where you stroll around the beautiful garden with your family and friends. Or you can indulge in thrilling carnival rides at the Global village as you learn about various cultures from around the world. Enjoy shopping and delicious food offering dishes from local and international cuisines at various nearby places of IMG such as Global village and Cityland Mall. 

One of the most interesting places near IMG is the famous Dubai Studios, where you can learn about the production process that goes behind making high quality Arabian films and shows. All in all there are various experiences from retail therapy to learning the life cycle of butterflies, the nearby area of IMG does make your trip to Dubai more interesting and memorable.

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Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most famous places to visit near IMG Worlds, and is known as the largest natural flower garden in the world. Here you can see new exhibitions every season through their seasonal exhibits. Around 150 million flowers of different species bloom here and spread their beauty and scent all around the garden for you to admire. The exhibitions here are made with freshly bloomed flowers which are shaped in different shapes and sizes, such as teddy bears, aeroplanes, and many more.

Distance from IMG: 13.3 KMs (approx.)

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Global Village
Global Village

Global Village is a cultural and entertainment hub that features over 25 pavilions representing different countries. The pavilions offer you a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures through food, shopping, and live performances. Global Village also features various rides and attractions, which makes it a popular destination for families and friends.

Distance from IMG: 6.5 KMs (approx.)

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Dubai Autodrome
Dubai Autodrome

One of the most popular places to visit near IMG Worlds, Dubai Autodrome is a motorsports complex that features a 1.2 km outdoor circuit track and offers various driving experiences and events. Here you can try go-karting, driving a sports car, or even driving a race car on the track, making it a famous attraction to visit among motorsports enthusiasts. Here you can also participate in various motorsports related events such as Color Run, along with concerts and exhibitions of various artists.

Distance from IMG: 14.8 KMs (approx.)

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Cityland Mall
Cityland Mall

Cityland Mall is a shopping destination that features around 350 retail stores, 75 restaurants, and various entertainment options such as a 10 screen cineplex. The mall is designed to be an indoor-outdoor shopping experience, with a Japanese garden on the rooftop that features a miniature version of the botanical garden present in Dubai Miracle Garden. You can relax in the shaded part of the garden and enjoy delicious food, making it a perfect place for a weekend day out.

Distance from IMG: 6 KMs (approx.)

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Dubai Studio City
Dubai Studio City

Located approximately 10 km away from IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai Studio City is a media production hub that houses various TV, film, and music production companies. You can take a tour of the studios and learn about the various stages of media production. The complex also features various dining options and entertainment venues, making it a popular destination for families and media enthusiasts.

Distance from IMG: 11.8 KMs (approx.)

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Dubai Butterfly Garden
Dubai Butterfly Garden

One of the best places to visit near IMG Worlds is the Dubai Butterfly Garden, a nature park that boasts of being the largest enclosed butterfly garden in the world. Here you can explore ten specially designed domes, each housing thousands of stunning butterflies. Admire around 15,000 butterflies which are categorized into over 50 different species of varying sizes and colours. You can also learn and observe the life cycle of butterflies as they progress through each stage of their development.

Distance from IMG: 14.2 KMs (approx.)

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